University of Nebraska, Lincoln Plyometric Ramp

University of Nebraska, Lincoln Practice Facility

The 80-foot-long plyometric ramp at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln practice facility can be automatically positioned at any slope from 2 to 15 degrees. The 25-foot-wide football practice ramp remains solid without any flexion while as many as 100 players run on it at the same time.

Plyometric Ramp

Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied, and oversaw installation of the plyometric ramp at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln athletic facility. The top of the ramp is mounted to a mechanized platform that moves 18 feet vertically in order to change slope, while wheels mounted to the bottom of the ramp accommodate the movement. Two tuning columns maintain ramp stiffness and prevent flexion that could be caused as players run on its surface. The tuning columns are supported by passive hydraulic jacks that follow the main actuators during operation. The ramp can be operated using either a human machine interface (HMI) or their smart phone or tablet. The operator enters the desired slope, presses a button, and the ramp automatically moves to the requested position.

General Information

Completed: 2024
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Scope of Work: Design & Supply of Equipment, Technical Installation Assistance, Start-Up and Commissioning
Client: University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Project Team