LoanDepot Ballpark Retractable Roof

LoanDepot Park

The three-panel retractable roof at LoanDepot Park moves continuously throughout the day, providing optimum sunlight for the natural grass playing field.  The retractable roof is closed to protect fans of the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team against tropical sun and rainstorms, and is opened when weather is welcoming.

Retractable Roof

When closed, the Marlins Ballpark retractable roof  protects baseball fans and players from rain cancellation, and from getting soaked in the tropical storms of Miami. On warm and sunny days, the retractable roof is opened to deliver enjoyable outdoor baseball games, and also to maintain the live grass playing field.

A single operator opens and closes the retractable roof from a personal computer in the control room. The PC reports roof progress and equipment status throughout operation, and assists with any troubleshooting. The operating system is reliable and easy to use, allowing ballpark staff to close the roof with confidence as a storm approaches, and to open the roof as part of a choreographed live performance.

General Information

Completed: 2012
Location: Miami, Florida
Scope of Work:
Retractable Roof – Design, Supply, Installation, Inspections & Preventive Maintenance
Outfield Wall: Design
Project Client: Manhattan Construction

Project Team

Architect: Populous
General Contractor: Hunt Construction
Structural Engineer: Walter P Moore



Outfield Walls

The outfield wall overlooking downtown Miami is opened to enhance the outdoor baseball game experience. The open wall provides a fresh breeze and beautiful views, even when the roof remains closed due to rain or the punishing mid-day sun. The wall is made of six 63-foot tall by 42-foot wide glass panels that open or close in three to five minutes.