Ford Field

The Detroit Lions NFL team moved to Ford Field in downtown Detroit in 2002. With the multitude of events hosted at Ford Field, including concerts, monster truck races, and various sporting events, access for large vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, to reach the field quickly became an apparent need.

Operable Tunnel Cover

Uni-Systems Engineering designed and supplied an operable tunnel cover at Ford Field for the Detroit Lions complete with an LED display by Daktronics. The operability of the cover allows for quick transitions between vehicle access and event sightlines. It takes just 30 seconds to open or close the operable tunnel cover. This allows emergency vehicles and other large vehicles, like monster trucks, to access the field quickly and have an advanced message display.

General Information

Completed: 2021
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Scope of Work: Design & Supply of Equipment, Technical Installation Assistance, Start-Up and Commissioning
Client: Daktronics and the Detroit Lions

Project Team

Partner: Daktronics



Operating System

The operable tunnel cover is monitored and controlled via an HMI screen connected to a motor control cabinet located in a equipment room adjacent to the tunnel. The HMI screen can be moved around so that the operator can clearly see the tunnel cover as it is opening or closing.