ElAl Airlines

ElAl Airlines

The tail-in Uni-Dock™ is a patented series of swinging bridges that weighs 2,640,000 kg. and has a total area of 900 square meters.  Five levels of cantilevered decks, as well as wing, engine and wheel well stands provide easy access to all areas of the airplane.


Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied, and installed the Uni-Dock aircraft maintenance system for El Al Airlines.

An articulating nose platform transforms the dock from the service of a B757-200 to a 767-300 to a 747-400.  The rail mounted platform with extendable edges conforms to the nose area providing access from the windshield to the freighter cargo interior.  Crown access is achieved through a rolling crown platform while seats and galleys are rolled out along a continuous flat surface to the aft mezzanine.

The Uni-Dock™ is equipped with local electrical power, water, compressed air, 400 Htz., a vacuum system, and cabin air conditioning.  The Uni-Dock’s™ unique structure, offset from the aircraft body, allows for bridge crane access to key component removal including flight surfaces, radome and aircraft engines.  Installed jibs allow for the removal of doors, rudders and elevators.   Access to the over wing and pylon areas is achieved from a custom designed fall-arrest system. The Uni-Dock™ allows maintenance staff to dock and de-dock various aircraft in minutes using a touch-screen activated computer.  During docking, the 75-meter long bridge structure articulates vertically 6 meters to accommodate multiple aircraft and their variety of heights and pitches.  This articulation is accomplished through the synchronization of multiple electric motors.  Self-propelled trolleys pivot the aft bridge laterally so that the airplane can dock or de-dock easily.

General Information

Completed: 1999
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation



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