Eight Avenue Place

Eighth Avenue Place

At the touch of a button, the building maintenance equipment door automatically opens, with panels stacked on each side of the door opening. The panels provide an architectural scree that hides the building maintenance equipment and maintains the architectural integrity of the building.

BME Door

Each double-hinged door rotates out, riding on a traction drive wheel powered by a one horsepower motor. An air spring above the wheel applies 1,000 lb downward forces to improve wheel traction. When closed, the a manual lock handle pins the door at the top and bottom to prevent unwanted movement. The drive system and locking system are installed within the door cladding, out of sight from all vantage points.

General Information

Completed: 2012 and 2014
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Scope of Work: Design
Project Client: Thermal Systems

Project Team

General Contractor: John Moriarty & Associates of Florida, Inc.
Owner: Miami Art Museum of Dade County Associates, Inc.