Boeing Material Lift


The Boeing material lift provides safe and easy access for assembly of the Boeing 777. The material lift moves with the aircraft as it travels along the assembly line, and lifts people and equipment between the floor and various levels of the aircraft.

Material Lift

Ramps on the load and unload sides of the material lift car rotate down for loading, and are rotated into the vertical position during car movement. Gates protect the loading area at the plant floor and top level, and a light curtain protects the mezzanine loading area. The material lift is operated from push button control stations located in the car and at the top and bottom levels. The material lift rides on 4 casters as it moves with the tool along the assembly line. When the components reach the end of the final assembly line, the material lift is detached from the tool, and is recycled to the top of the assembly line.

The 11 by 15-foot deck has a 3,000-pound lifting capacity. A rack-and-pinion drive system lifts the deck 14.5 feet off the ground, and gates and thresholds allow for safe travel and easy loading and unloading.

General Information

Completed: 2006
Location: Everett, Washington
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation



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