Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House

The Soho Beach House Hotel outdoor restaurant and bar are both outfitted with folding Tenera fabric roofs. Diners enjoy the tropical Florida weather and ocean views while surrounded by a lush garden. The roofs are closed when shade is needed from the punishing midday sun, and during tropical rainstorms.

Folding Fabric Roof

Uni-Systems Engineering designed, fabricated, and installed the Soho Beach House folding fabric roof. To protect the hotel’s investment and for guest comfort, the roofs are designed to operate quickly and to automatically retract in cases of severe weather. The design maintains the hotel’s historic charm while also adding a little character to an already iconic building.

The restaurant fabric roof structure is 71′-8″ wide, and is extended 35′ along five structural beams that house the drive system. A slight incline sheds rain into a mechanized gutter to protect the restaurant area, and prevents any rainwater from pooling on the fabric panels. The bar fabric roof structure is 33′ wide, and is extended 33′-5″ along three structural beams that house the belt drive system.

General Information

Completed: 2011
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation



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