444 North Capital

444 North Capitol

The 444 North Capitol outdoor rooftop terrace is used by several Washington DC organizations, where event guests enjoy a commanding view of the US Capitol and surrounding areas.

Folding Fabric Roof

An En-Fold® Serge Ferrari Précontraint® 1002 S2 fabric roof provides shade from midday sun and protects the terrace from wind and rain. The roof can withstand 50 mph winds when fully tensioned, and is installed at a slight incline to shed rainwater and prevent water from pooling on the fabric panels. The roof is 60′-4″ wide, and is extended 34′-9″ along three structural beams that house the belt drive system. The roof is operated with a simple, wireless remote control, allowing for quick responses to weather conditions and assuring a pleasant outdoor event.

General Information

Completed: 2012
Location: Washington DC
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation

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