Wall Street Ferry Terminal

Wall Street Ferry Terminal

The 45-foot-wide glass operable wall rotates up to provide a seamless transition between the sheltered waiting area and the outdoor pier. When in the closed position, the sophisticated seal system ensures that commuters remain protected from wind and rain.

Retractable Skylight

Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied, and installed the Wall Street Ferry Terminal operable wall. A safety edge located on the moving door momentarily reverses movement and then stops when activated to prevent injuries and damage.
The 8,900 pound counterweighted wall is driven at the touch of a button by a single 3 horsepower electric motor. The project architect opted to spotlight the concrete counterweight and drive system, encasing them within glass alongside the oper-able wall and visible throughout operation.

General Information

Completed: 1998
Location: New York City, New York
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Install
Awards: Winner of the 2013 IDEAS2 award



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