RFK Stadium

RFK Stadium

In 2005, more than 40 years after RFK Stadium first opened, both Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals and Major League Soccer’s DC United moved into the multi-use stadium.

Retractable Pitchers Mound and Moveable Bleacher

The retractable pitcher’s mound provides quick reconfigurations to accommodate both professional baseball and professional soccer league scheduled games. The pitcher’s mound is constructed on a round, 16-foot diameter, steel platform, that is raised to ground level for baseball games. At the touch of a button, the plate is lowered approximately 12 inches into a concrete-lined pit, and the pitcher’s mound is covered with turf to configure the playing field for soccer games.

To prepare for soccer games, a moveable set of bleachers is driven along curved rails from the third baseline to left field, at the touch of a button in approximately 9 minutes.

General Information

Completed: 2005
Location: Washington DC
Scope of Work: Retrofit Design, Supply, Installation